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Conveyor Repair & Retrofit:
Hindustan Automation Solutions Conveyor Services is always ready  to react to your conveyor system needs. Whether it’s a belt changed out or vulcanized, a pulley lagged, rubber linings applied or idlers installed, look no further than Hindustan Automation Solutions Conveyor Services.
Our customers have found it advantageous to have us do a comprehensive material handling survey in order to identify areas where improvements can be made. Once problem areas are identified they can be monitored or corrected, dictated by the economics involved.
Hindustan Automation Solutions has ability to design, build and install new conveyor systems. Whether you're designing a new conveying system, upgrading your existing system, or replacing present belting, our belting specialists will be glad to help you every step of the way.
On-site belt Design,repair and reconditioning for the conveyor types like:
GravityRollerConveyors     Belt Conveyors
PowerisedRollerConveyors   Shallow Troughed Belt Conveyor
Brush Rollers   Packing Belt Conveyor
Twin Track Roller Conveyors   Inclined Belt Conveyor
Chain Roller Conveyors   Post Wrapping Belt Conveyor
    Food Quality Belt Conveyor
SCREW CONVEYORS :   Cooling Belt Conveyor
Inclined Screw Conveyor   Metal Detector Belt Conveyor
Cooling Screw Conveyor   Troughed Belt Conveyor
Screw Feeder Conveyor   Cup Cleated inclined Belt Conveyor
    Sorting Conveyor
ELEVEATORS :   Post Stamping Belt Conveyor
Swing Tray Elevator   Wire Mesh Belt Conveyor
Flight Elevator   Multi tier Belt Conveyor
Bucket Winch Elevator   Recycle Belt Conveyor
Vertical BucketConveyor    
Goose Neck Elevator    
MS Slat Conveyor   Sugar Loading Conveyor
Multiline Slat Conveyors   Fish / Fruit Handling Conveyor
Crate Conveyor   Turn Table
Can Carrying Slat Conveyor   Ribbon Blenders
Delrin Slat Conveyors   Tobacco Handling Systems
S Type Slat Conveyors   Cage Lift
Bottle Slat Conveyors   Cross Transfer Conveyor
Chain Slat Conveyors   Scissor Table
    Box Lowerator
    Hydraulic Lifting Table
    Truck Loading Conveyor
    Paddle Conveyor
    Accumalator Table
    Agelator Vessels
    Goods Lift
    Batching Units
    Wire Mesh Conveyor
    Tilting Unit
    Lifting Unit
    Fruit Washing Machine