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Our Products :
HAS has the Accurate display series designed for the machinery and machine tool user who needs effective features at an attractive price in a digital readout systems. The compact and extensive range of accurate counters are constructed with clear,easy to read LEAD display.
Accurate range offer a host of features not normally found in a unit of its price range,enabling the user to quickly recover the cost by reducing set-up times, and providing the cash benefits which are giving better accuracy,repeatability and reliability in the production.
Our standard is available in one,two and three axes and is ideally suited for a number of applications,connected with standard or conventional machining,including milling,boring,turning,grinding and inspectionapplications.It’s flexibility also makes it suitable for woodcutting machinery and many other measurement requirements.
DRO Technical data:
Height :170mm
Width :100mm
Length :260mm
Weight :2kg
Operation Voltage :230+_10%
Maximum power Consuption :20w
Operating temperature :0 to 70 c