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Hindustan Automation Solutions Power Supply Design:
Hindustan Automation Solutions has extensive experience in power supply development ranging from off-line switches, DC-DC converters and battery chargers through linear applications. Power supply design is often bound by system constraints involving space, power dissipation, efficiency, thermal management, noise management, reliability, cost and weight. Our designs focus on reliability with thorough analysis and simulation of critical aspects such as stability, dynamic impedance, transient response, efficiency and conducted emissions. Custom magnetics are optimized for leakage inductance, core losses, emissions and cost. Our strengths include low noise, high efficiency, transient tolerant and high reliability designs.
We also desing power supply like:-
  Battery Power Supply,
  Unregulated power supply,
  Linear power supply,
  AC/ DC supply,
  Switched-mode power supply,
  Programmable power supply and Voltage multipliers