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Technical Expertise :
We can help you with all aspects of your PLC Programming requirements. From a quick software modification on an existing system to a complete system supply. We have experience across numerous industries and have written software for a whole variety of applications using many different types of PLC including Mitsubishi (Alpha, Alpha 2, FX, Q & A Series), Allen Bradley (Pico, MicroLogix, SLC 500) ,Siemens (LOGO!, S7 200/300),ABB,yaskawa, Before PLC, Automationdirect PLC, FATEK AUTOMATION PLC, Fuji Electric PLC, Hitachi PLC, IDEC PLC KEYENCE PLC, KOYO ELECTRONICS PLC, LG PLC, MOELLER PLC, SAIA PLC, SAMSUNG PLC, SHARP PLC, SHINKO ELECTRIC PLC, TAIAN PLC, TOSHIBA PLC, Toyoda Machine Works PLC, VIGOR PLC, Yamatake PLC, Yokogawa Electric PLC ,Faunuc and Telemecanique/Modicon (Zelio, Nano, Premium) and Delta. Let our PLC Programming experience help you and your application.
We also have extensive HMI (Human machine interface) and message display experience including Mitsubishi (GOT and E Terminals), Allen Bradley (PanelView), Siemens (TP range), Telemecanique (XBT) and many others.
End users and manufacturers that typically require help with fault diagnosis/modifications on an existing system or require new PLC systems and control panels to be installed and fully commissioned to compliment their existing process.